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2012: The hits keep coming from Huntsman

HUNTSMAN: Asked if he would he serve as Michele Bachmann’s vice president. if asked. "You know if you love this country you serve this country,” he said on CNN, per NBC’s Jo Ling Kent. “Everytime I've been asked to serve over different administrations from Reagan to the two Bushes to President Obama, I have the same answer. And that is if you love this country, you serve her.” Yet asked if he’d serve as Romney’s VP, Huntsman said, "There would be too many jokes about that. No, I can't imagine it at all."

He had plenty of criticism for his rivals. On Romney, he hit him for Massachusetts being 47th in job creation, for health care: "Creating Obamacare before Obama, the most despised and reviled health care legislation in the history of this country, doesn't cut it….” On Rick Perry: "I don't think - you can call the head of the Fed treasonous and expect to be taken seriously.”

The DNC goes up with a Web video using Jon Huntsman’s comments to hit the GOP field. “Don’t take it from us,” it’s called. The Huntsman team in response goes up with their own, called “Take it from me,” with a compilation of the former Utah governor criticizing President Obama.

PATAKI: NBC campaign embeds Andrew Rafferty, Jo Ling Kent, and Anthony Terrell report that former New York Gov. George Pataki's team confirms that he will attend the Polk County GOP picnic on Saturday. The local GOP says there may be a "major" announcement. However, Pataki spokesman David Catalfamo says regarding any major announcement, "At this point, I can only confirm he will be in attendance."

PERRY: Roll Call declares, “Texas Gov. Rick Perry has grabbed frontrunner status in South Carolina, ending several months of what had been a muddled race in this key Republican presidential primary state.”

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad on Perry's debut in the state, per the Des Moines Register: "I thought he was as relaxed and confident and at home at the Iowa State Fair as anybody I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of them. He comes from a farm background, he’s a former agriculture commissioner, he’s a graduate of Texas A&M."

Perry will attend Sen. Jim DeMint's Labor Day forum.

A longtime Texas reporter sets the record straight that Perry, while he did back then-candidate Al Gore in 1988, didn't have a pronounced role as Gore's state campaign chairman.

ROMNEY: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said yesterday he would unveil his jobs plan Sept. 6th, the same week as President Obama unveils his plan, NBC’s Garrett Haake reports.

The New York Times: “During remarks in New Hampshire in last month, Mitt Romney accused President Obama of ‘mission muddle’ for expanding United States operations in Libya beyond enforcing a no-fly zone to a wider goal of preventing Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi from attacking his own people. ‘Now the president is saying we have to remove Qaddafi,’ Mr. Romney said at the time, adding, ‘Who’s going to own Libya if we get rid of the government there?’”

“But on Monday evening, as the rebels surged through Tripoli, Mr. Romney told Neil Cavuto of Fox Business Network that “the world celebrates the idea of getting rid of Qaddafi.” And instead of assessing Mr. Obama’s actions, he called on a new Libyan government to extradite the man convicted in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing.”

RYAN: Paul Ryan’s still not running for president.