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Obama: The 'future of Libya is in the hands of its people'

The United States is a "friend and partner" to the new Libya, President Obama said in a statement today aimed, in part, at an American audience, and, in part, to Libyans.

"The Khaddafy regime is coming to an end," Obama said. "The future of Libya is in the hands of its people." Khaddafy's "reign," he added, "has unraveled."

Obama said the United States will work closely with allies and the Transitional National Council, or TNC, which he called a "credible representative" of the Libyan people.

The only specific U.S. action item Obama mentioned was calling on the United Nations' secretary general to "support" this "important transition."

Obama lauded the efforts of the international community. "In the face of this aggression, the international community took action," Obama said. He touted the efforts of partnerships not only with traditional European partners, but also Arab nations.

He also called for an "inclusive transition that moves toward a democratic Libya." He said, speaking to Libyans: "Your revolution is your own. Now the Libya that you deserve is within your reach." Obama acknowledged there are "huge challenges ahead," but what's happened proves that "fear can give way to hope."