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Bachmann goes Ross Perot

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. -- Michele Bachmann brought her white, dry-erase board back to the stump, tallying up the national debt with a marker.

Here at a town hall in this key early primary state, she counted the zeros in $14 trillion -- an oft-mentioned figure representing the nation’s current debt -- and then quipped, "Nobody tell Barack Obama what comes after 'trillion.'" 

This is a stock line, which had been retired during the past few weeks. It got a laugh out of the audience. Before this portion of her speech began, Bachmann asked, "You ready to go to school?"

Bachmann is traveling -- at least for the day -- with a large contingent. It includes some of her next-door neighbors from Minnesota, and a law-school classmate. She thanked them by name for coming to the event.