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Bachmann likens federal government to Enron


Rep. Michele Bachmann (R)

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) likened the federal government today to Enron.

"If you spend more than you earn, the sheriff comes to your door," she said, per NBC's Jamie Novogrod. And then added, "Ever heard of Enron before? You get shut down when you don't pay your bills."

Of course, this is inaccurate as a literal comparison.

First, this isn’t a Dickens novel. If you don’t pay your bills, you don’t go to debtor’s prison. The sheriff doesn’t come to your door, it’s more like letters and calls from collections agencies from guys who are more Romney than Rosco.

Second, Enron was defrauding its employees -- and its executives went to jail. By that logic, does Bachmann presume that the federal government is defrauding taxpayers and President Obama should go to jail?

When pressed further, however, Bachmann -- who, as a candidate for president, has toned down her sometimes far-flung rhetoric -- deflected.

She said Enron was guilty of bad book-keeping, but didn't elaborate on the suggestion of fraud.