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Congress: Doubts the 'Super Committee' will reach a deal

“Washington may have settled into a sleepy August break, but House Republicans on Wednesday continued their messaging efforts on the economy as President Barack Obama toured the Midwest to spread his own jobs message,” Roll Call writes. “House Majority Leader Eric Cantor sent GOP Members a memo urging them to ‘commit to keeping focused on what is most important to the people and families that sent us here — jobs and economic growth.’”

The New York Times on the doubts that the “Super Committee” will be able to reach a deal: “The difficulty that this new committee will have scaling the steep walls of ideology and partisan mistrust is lost on few, including its own members. ‘I approach this task like all tasks in Washington, with high hopes and tempered expectations,’ said Representative Jeb Hensarling, a Texas Republican and co-chairman of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, whose six Senate members and six House members are divided evenly by party. ‘This committee has very serious work to do, but it should not be confused with Captain America or any other superhero.’”