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Super PACs, 'independent' in name only?

While still proclaiming it is "independent," the new powerhouse super PAC called "Make Us Great Again" has launched a website filled with photos of Rick Perry and campaign bullet points about the governor’s record creating jobs and lowering taxes in Texas.

"Rick Perry Can Make America Great Again," reads the headline on the group’s home page.

The pro-Perry message isn’t a surprise: The group was co-founded by Austin super lobbyist Mike Toomey, who was Perry’s chief of staff (and shares ownership of a New Hampshire island with David Carney, Perry’s campaign manager.)

But it marks one more step removing the illusion of "independence" surrounding super PACs, which are proliferating this year because of their ability to collect unlimited amounts of money from corporations and wealthy donors….

"Restore Our Future," the website founded by three former political aides to Mitt Romney, has no photos of the former Massachusetts governor even though the group’s organizers are three former Romney political who have explicitly said their goal is to elect Romney president (and Romney has appeared at its fundraising dinners.)

Similarly, Priorities USA Action the super PAC created this year by two former White House aides to President Barack Obama, including Bill Burton, his former spokesman, has no photos or explicit references to the president on its home page (although it does have a YouTube video attacking Republicans for criticizing his policies.)