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Aloha, Mr. Gingrich!

Next week, Newt Gingrich is heading for Hawaii, according to a schedule his campaign released this morning.

While there, Saturday through at least Monday, Gingrich holds two public events, a meeting with local activists at a church in Wailuku and a talk at a prep school in Makawao.

Asked for a reason why Gingrich is taking this trip or if there is any vacation attached to this, spokesman R.C. Hammond wrote in an email to First Read: “Fundraising.”

Other candidates have taken fundraising trips outside of the early states. Jon Huntsman is currently on one that takes him to California, Utah, and elsewhere. Mitt Romney has done the same and even went to London for a fundraiser with ex-pats.

Gingrich received criticism after the news surfaced that he had taken a planned vacation with wife Callista to the Greek Isles in early June. After he returned, many of his top staffers quit the campaign. Since then, he has had trouble raising money, and the campaign is in debt. Gingrich has limited travel, instead going to some events in early states, but also appearing on talk radio and attending events closer to home.

Gingrich will be back in New Hampshire on Aug. 25.

*** UPDATE *** The Wall Street Journal reports, per NBC's Alex Moe:

While Newt and Callista Gingrich won’t be in Hawaii on their 11th wedding anniversary, which is Thursday, they will be extending their trip to the Aloha state to celebrate it next Monday and Tuesday.

“There’s money to be raised for us there,” said campaign spokesman R.C. Hammond. “There is a dual purpose to the trip.”