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Obama agenda: Meet me in September

Bloomberg News: “President Barack Obama plans to give a speech in early September to ask Congress for additional spending to boost the economy, an administration official said. The president also will call for long-term cuts beyond the $1.5 trillion that Congress charged a 12-member bipartisan ‘super- committee’ of lawmakers to trim, the official said.”

“With a pack of Republicans trying to unseat him, President Obama was in campaigner in chief mode Tuesday on what's supposed to be an official bus tour through three crucial Midwestern states,” the New York Daily News writes.

The New York Times sets up Obama’s and Rick Perry’s swing through Iowa yesterday as kind of mini-general election. “President Obama pulled up to a bucolic community college here in his $1.1 million black armored bus on Tuesday and spent much of the day closeted in a conference with farmers and small-business owners, hoping to sell them on his message that he could revive the listless job market.”

“Eleven miles away, a more colorful, less-fortified campaign bus deposited Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, the newest Republican presidential candidate, in Dubuque, where he told another audience of business leaders over lunch, “I guess we’ve kind of got competing job tours, if you want to know the truth of the matter.”

The Washington Post on whether Obama should cancel his Martha's Vineyard vacation: Obama has taken heat the past two summers for renting Blue Heron, but the difference this time is the intensity of his critics and the fact that they are on both sides of the political aisle. Republican strategist Mike Murphy told the Daily Beast that Obama is 'acting like the rich guys he wants to raise taxes on,' while liberal columnist Colbert I. King wrote in The Washington Post that this is the wrong time 'to dwell in splendid seclusion among the rich and famous.'"

Then again, "Harry Truman was regularly mocked for wearing Hawaiian-style flowered shirts on his many jaunts to Key West, Fla., during the post-World War II era. Dwight Eisenhower spent 365 days at his farm in Gettysburg, Pa., over six years, prompting the Democratic National Committee chairman to label him a 'part-time president.' In 1990, during the Persian Gulf conflict, George H.W. Bush called on Americans to conserve energy, but he stipulated that he would not give up zipping around off the coast of Kennebunkport, Maine, in his speedboat, Fidelity."