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Perry: 'I am an unabashedly pro-business governor'

DUBUQUE, IA -- Meeting with Iowa business leaders, Texas Gov. Rick Perry continued to lambaste the Obama administration for using a "regulatory hammer" that he says prevents job growth.

"I am an unabashedly pro-business governor," Perry told a group of about 30 Iowans at a luncheon at the Star Brewery here. "I don't make any apologies for that."

He added that he's criticized for focusing too much on business, but that without job creation "we're finished"
The Texas governor heard grievances from the audience of business owners about taxation, the health-care law, and the Dodd-Frank banking reform passed last year.

Perry, who last night characterized the actions of Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve as "treasonous," dinged President Obama's appointees in the agencies that oversee the business world.

Presidents should "hav[e] people as your appointees that are philosophically attune and courageous enough to make the decisions, to clearly say to the bureaucrats, 'This is not what we're going to do. This is not what we're about,'" he said.

(Worth noting: Perry has been frequently criticized by his hometown press for appointing donors and allies to posts in the state.)