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WH spokesman on Perry: 'Think,' because pres. candidates' 'words have greater impact'

The president may not officially be on a political tour through Iowa, but politics is encroaching on his economic message. 

On the press bus in Iowa, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney answered questions stemming from Gov. Rick Perry’s (R-TX) comments yesterday about the Federal Reserve and Ben Bernanke.

According to pool reports, this was Carney’s response:

"When you're president or you're running for president you have to think about what you're saying, because your words have greater impact.”  He continued, “We take the independence of the Federal Reserve quite seriously and certainly think threatening the Fed chairman is probably not a good idea.”

The president himself stayed above the fray, choosing to stick to what is quickly becoming his economic stump speech at the start of the White House’s Rural Economic Forum in Peosta, IA.