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Obama agenda: The Road Warrior

"For most of the summer, President Obama has been under siege in the White House. On Monday, he became a road warrior, kicking off a three-day bus tour of the Midwest that provided him campaign-style opportunities to strike back at Republicans in a region vital to his re-election," the New York Times says. "Traveling in a black bus with dark tinted windows and flashing red and blue lights that looked like something out of a 'Mad Max” movie, the president urged audiences in Minnesota and Iowa to tell their elected officials they would no longer tolerate the partisan gridlock on display in the recent debt-ceiling talks."

Here’s the local coverage: The front page of the Cedar Rapids Gazette has a three-column photo of President Obama speaking - with hay bales in the background - with the headline, “‘Moving in right direction’.” The second photo is President Obama with one leg up, in a similar stance to Rick Perry, who also had one leg up on a hay bale in Iowa yesterday.

The (Burlington) Hawkeye’s front page’s lower right headline over a photo of Obama (also leg up) with a barn behind him: “Obama attacks GOP field on bus tour.”

It’s a two-deck, three-column headline from the Quad-City Times: “Obama launches rural tour with Iowa swing.” (And again, the photo of him with one leg up.) Subhead: “President defends compromises.”

The Des Moines Register: “In Iowa, Obama defends his compromises, slams opposition.”

“Almost one in every 10 Barack Obama fundraisers for the 2012 presidential campaign worked four years ago generating cash for former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton,” Bloomberg reports. “Of the 244 individuals identified by the Obama campaign as bringing in at least $50,000 for his re-election, 23 were “Hillraisers,” collecting at least $100,000 for Clinton, now U.S. secretary of state, during her unsuccessful 2008 Democratic primary campaign. Just four of the 23 raised at least $50,000 for Obama after he defeated Clinton and won the nomination, according to a Bloomberg News analysis.”

“A U.S. diplomat's remarks calling Indian Tamils "dark" and "dirty" has national leaders calling for her to be expelled from the country,” the New York Daily News reports.