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Palin on Bachmann win: 'Not much of a surprise'

EUREKA, Ill. -- Sarah Palin told NBC News that Rep. Michele Bachmann winning the straw poll will not affect her decision to run or not, calling her win "not much of a surprise."

"It is not much of a surprise," Palin told NBC News. "I think, at this point, it is more of a test of organization. ... The prediction was that it would either be Ron Paul or Michele Bachmann, because they spent a lot of time and energy to make sure they had delegates there who would cast those votes, so not really a surprise. It's a part of the process, another step, again, a test about organization at this point and many more contests up ahead."

Sarah Palin's bus tour arrived at the Iowa State Fair on Friday, fueling questions about whether the former governor plans on making a run for the White House in 2012.