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Santorum's sizable crowd suprises; dubs campaign 'little engine that could'

AMES, Iowa -- There was a huge turnout for Santorum at his tent this morning, 25-plus buses brought in voters, according to staff. His tent had a very long line. The only line that was longer was Bachmann's. Santorum's campaign handed out free pork burgers and samples of "presidential peach preserves" from the family's peach trees.

Clearly, the Santorum campaign has worked very hard to get people here. Turnout at various campaign stops had been low.

"This is the little engine that could campaign. They told us we had no chance, all the press does is write about these shiny engines..we didn't wait around, we worked hard... "This is a chance to strike a blow, a heartland campaign."

Santorum received a standing ovation before and after his speech. He got applause while hitting the health-care plan that passed last year and for touting social values like being against abortion and stressing faith.

Santorum retired to a Iowa State University's women's basketball locker room afterward saying he felt good about speech.