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DNC ad seizes on Romney's 'corporations are people' line

AMES, IA -- Could Mitt Romney's "people are corporations, too" line dog the former Massachusetts governor the same way that Barack Obama's "bitter"/"cling to guns or religion" remarks did during the '08 campaign?

The Democratic National Committee hopes so. It's up with a TV advertisement seizing on Romney's remarks, which he delivered on Thursday at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. The ad -- which willl air on broadcast and cable channels in Des Moines -- concludes: "Mitt Romney. Putting People Corporations First."

DNC TV Ad: "People"

Ultimately, Obama's "bitter" remarks didn't hurt him in '08. Then again, they weren't captured by camera; Obama delivered them at a closed-press fundraiser.

*** UPDATE *** The Romney campaign points out that Romney defended his comments yesterday in New Hampshire:

"What do they think they are? Little men from Mars?" Romney said, per the Boston Globe. "At that time, there was a sentiment somehow that businesses were bad, that it was antipeople. And the Obama administration seems to think that the ’60s [are] here again. Business is good. I am talking about repair shops and gas stations and beauty salons and restaurants. I am talking about Apple Computer and Facebook and Microsoft.”