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Perry's weekend SC-NH-IA swing

Last week, reporters who cover Texas Gov. Rick Perry were griping that the subject of their stories was holed up in meetings in Austin without making any headline-scoring public appearances.

What a difference a prayer rally makes.

With Saturday's 30,000-some-strong day of prayer and fasting now past, the event's initiator is now preparing for a three-primary state swing that will likely put to rest any remaining doubts that the Texas governor is jumping into the presidential contest.

The trip is set to begin Saturday in South Carolina, where Perry is scheduled to appear at the RedState conservative blogger convention in Charleston. Also participating in the event are South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and Sen. Jim DeMint, both influential conservative lawmakers with rockstar credentials with the small-government Republican crowd.

From there, as first reported by the New Hampshire Union-Leader, Perry will attend a house party on Saturday evening in the first-in-the-nation primary state. Per an adviser, the host of the event is an New Hampshire lawmaker who met Perry in Austin and encouraged him to visit the Granite state in person.

And then it's on to Iowa on Sunday, where Perry will appear in soon-to-be rival Rep. Michele Bachmann's hometown in Waterloo, Iowa -- even speaking in the same venue that the Minnesota conservative used as her own "announcement eve" party location in June.

In a statement, Perry spokesman Mark Miner told the Des Moines Register that Waterloo (which is in Democratic-leaning Black Hawk County, Iowa) represents "an important area of the state for Republicans."

Then-presidential contender Mike Huckabee won the county by eight points in 2008. In the general election, Barack Obama beat Republican John McCain there, 61% to 38%.

So will any of these no-doubt-heavily-covered events represent a formal presidential announcement for the Texas governor?

As Team Perry frequently tells reporters trying to sniff out details on the governor's plans: Stay tuned.