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Millions upon millions spent on WI recall races

Thirty-one million dollars.

That's the amount of money that has been spent so far on the recall elections in Wisconsin, according to MAPlight.org. In fact, five of the nine recall races have already exceeded the previous record of $3 million spent on a legislative race in the state. Six of the nine recall races take place tonight.

“There’s a great deal of interest in these elections, we are seeing lots of money from within Wisconsin and out of state, “said Reid Magney, the spokesman for the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.

But Magney adds that not all the money is being reported -- some outside groups like Americans for Prosperity and Citizens for a Stronger America don't have to document the money they are raising since they are registered 501(c)(4) groups with the IRS.

By the way, that $31 million figure is only going to get bigger: Finance numbers for the two recall elections set for Aug. 16 are expected to be released by the accountability board at midnight tonight.