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In dig at Romney, Huntsman calls for donor transparency

NASHUA, NH -- In the last day of his week-long swing through New Hampshire, Jon Huntsman jabbed the Romney campaign, calling for accountability in campaign fundraising in response to the report about a mysterious $1 million donation to a pro-Romney Super PAC.

"What is important on the fundraising is transparency, knowing where the money comes from and having a reporting requirement allows the voters of this country to know who is contributing, when they contributed," he told reporters.

Also on his swing through the Granite State, Huntsman declared with a smile, "We are going to win in New Hampshire. I just want you all to be the first to know."

Huntsman has one more public event in New Hampshire before heading to South Carolina tomorrow. He has shifted into high gear getting ready for next Thursday's Republican debate in Iowa -- which will be his first as a presidential candidate.

"We are preparing for the debate; we are thinking through the issues," Huntsman said. "I am staying up at night anticipating what might come our way."
Huntsman said he is not using stand-ins for the other candidates in his rehearsals.

In a speech to business leaders at the Nashua Chamber of Commerce today (ranging from local banks to the local branch of Five Guys Burgers), Huntsman claimed that he never thought about elected office before he ran for Utah governor.
"I never thought I'd run for public office. I used to make fun of people running for office!" he said to gales of laughter.

"Who around this table would be willing to run for office today?" Huntsman asked the room.

No one raised their hand, citing inefficiencies of government. Huntsman said, "See, now that's a problem."