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Pawlenty: 'Stick a fork in' Obama. 'He's done.'

WATERLOO, IA -- Tim Pawlenty continued to rebuke of President Obama's economic policies here at a the Black Hawk County Republican women's luncheon.

Pawlenty recounted a conversation he had with a 10-year-old boy, who told him that keeping  taxes low will give people more money.

'We shouldn't have to have a 10 year old know more about the economy than the president of the United States," said Pawlenty. (In fact, Obama has continually cut taxes as president -- whether it was through the stimulus, extending the so-called Bush tax cuts, or enacting payroll tax cuts.)

In his first two stops today, he has remained focused on Obama, and has only generically mentioned the rest of the GOP field.

'His time is up," Pawlenty said of the president. "He's had three years in office. Stick a fork in him. He's done."