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Mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore

The AFL-CIO is out a memo that essentially gives Congress this message: Working families are mad as hell, and they want results from Congress. Per the memo:

Working families across the country are angry at the partisan attacks pursued by politicians in Washington and in state capitals instead of action to tackle the tough issues most important to working people: creating jobs and restoring balance in our economy.

So between now and Labor Day, thousands of working people will be at town halls, fundraisers, and other community events to ensure their voice is heard through the din of corporate CEOs.


In the coming weeks, constituents in states like Colorado, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Iowa and Florida will hold actions to hold politicians accountable including:

-- Pressing [Colorado GOP Reps.] Tipton and Gardner at their town halls on August 5 and 8 on whether they will cut Medicare and Social Security in order to give tax breaks to corporations and the extremely wealthy;
-- Events in opposition to cuts to Medicare and Social Security;
-- Jobless workers will call for good jobs, not political agendas;
-- Protests of state legislators’ gerrymandering antics at redistricting hearings;
-- Actions holding state politicians accountable for their votes on anti-worker, anti-middle class legislation.