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Despite controversy, Huntsman touts campaign team

SALEM, N.H. -- Jon Huntsman reacted to reports of campaign infighting, telling reporters, "We've got our campaign up and running. It is retooled. It's firing on all cylinders, and we're preparing to win here in New Hampshire."

As for his relationship with his long-time friend and now-ousted David Fischer, who went on the record slamming the campaign, Huntsman says he's not looking back.

"Let's just say this campaign is moving in the right directions that will allow us to win New Hampshire," Huntsman said.

Huntsman gave chief campaign strategist John Weaver a vote of confidence, calling him an "indispensable part" of the campaign.

"John Weaver is a critically important part of our team," Huntsman said. "He's our strategist, has been from Day One, and he will be.  He's a great friend."

Huntsman also addressed the 260-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average this morning, saying, "There's no confidence in the economy right now. The Dow has fallen steadily over the last eight to nine days."

He added, "This is direct result of very little confidence in the marketplace. The marketplace is crying out for confidence."

Huntsman is headed next to Derry, N.H., where he will meet with more voters. He wraps up in New Hampshire tomorrow and travels to South Carolina this weekend.