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What 10th Amendment? Perry supports federal abortion amendment, too

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry isn't holding any public events this week, but he's hard at work here gauging financial support for a potential presidential run, doing a handful of media interviews, and burnishing his foreign policy and social-conservative credentials.

In the latest interview -- this one with the Christian Broadcasting Network -- Perry touted his economic record and also extended his support for a constitutional amendment on same-sex marriage to one banning abortion.

"I support the federal marriage amendment," Perry said, "and I also support the same with the issue of abortion."

Perry riled social conservatives last month when he said he was "fine with" a new same sex marriage law in New York, describing the issue as one best left up to the states.

"If you believe in the 10th Amendment," he said at the time, "stay out of their business."

He walked that notion back in an interview last week via another Christian outlet, the Family Research Council. But the correction drew attention to Perry's attempts to reconcile his strong support of states' rights with the desire of many potential GOP primary voters to push social issues at the federal level.

Perry, who is widely expected to announce a presidential run in the coming weeks, also appears eager to polish his foreign-policy credentials. On Wednesday, he Tweeted a photo of himself meeting with former ambassador to Iraq and Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad.

He also has been meeting with potential donors this week.