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Pelosi: 'It's time for us to move on'

In an interview NBC's Andrea Mitchell, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi acknowledged that the debt deal -- which she voted for -- was a "bad deal," but that it's now time to move on. 

"It’s a bad deal but it’s a done deal, and it’s time for us to move on," Pelosi said in the interview, which aired on MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports." "It’s the basis on which we are going to proceed and we have to get on with it."

Could President Obama have done a better job negotiating? Pelosi's answer:

I think the president was great. But, again, what is the point of talking about what is finished? On anything that happens around here, any one of us could have done it better, right? We could have written it better, we could have, whatever it is. But the fact is the president wanted a balanced, bipartisan agreement at the end of the day.

MITCHELL: But he didn’t get a balance. There’s no taxes in it.

PELOSI:  That’s right, nobody knows that better than I or perhaps some do, but I fully appreciate that. But again, this is about how we go to the next steps: jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. 

Another interesting exchange came when Mitchell asked if Congress was broken.

PELOSI: This is the marketplace of ideas. This is where people come and represent their constituents on the short term, every two years. And so it’s always been a contentious people. People had duels in those days, canings, and the rest.

MITCHELL: But how do you feel now to have people saying things like Congress is ridiculous, it’s messy?

PELOSI: Well, I agree with that. I think that the whole process has been -- makes people angry, makes people disgusted. And I don’t think that we should have the legitimate debate about budget priorities with the sword of Damocles over our head. If not, we’re going to default. I don’t think that that was the appropriate dynamic, but that’s done, and now we’re moving on. 

And Congress for its whole entirety has been an institution that has been mocked. The real -- the difference now is in communication, real time, in fact, quicker than real time, before anybody has a chance to process what’s going on, people have formed an opinion and gone on. It’s a very healthy, good thing.