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More 2012: Mad as hell?

Stu Rothenberg says, yes, there’s anger now at Washington, but it’s not necessarily true that that anger will translate in 15 months to an ousting of incumbents.

“A quartet of House Republicans eyeing Senate runs were amongst the 66 Republicans who voted against the bipartisan compromise to increase the debt limit. GOP Reps. Todd Akin (Mo.), Jason Chaffetz (Utah), Denny Rehberg (Mont.) and Jeff Flake (Ariz.) all broke with their party's leadership and opposed the agreement,” The Hill notes.

INDIANA: Sen. Richard Lugar’s campaign released an internal poll showing him with a 45%-31% lead after a poll last week from the Club for Growth showing him trailing a GOP primary opponent.

NEVADA: “To the very conservative, it’s a bad deal because it doesn’t force the government to adopt a balanced budget mandate via constitutional amendment. That latter category may, or may not, include Nevada’s Senator Dean Heller,” the Las Vegas Sun reports. “For a while, he appeared to be making room for himself to vote against any sort of debt ceiling increase, but his vote to endorse House Speaker John Boehner’s plan over the weekend makes his ultimate move as of yet, uncertain -- and Heller and his spokespeople haven’t been answering entreaties to clarify.” Heller had signaled last month that he wanted a balanced-budget amendment. A week ago, he said, “I do believe it’s a critical date,” he said of today. “But that’s not to say that I’ll vote for any of these plans if they’re not good enough.”