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Bachmann: 'Principles over party'

SPENCER, IA -- Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann said she puts "principles over party" and is prepared, if elected, to be a one-term president. "So be it," she said today.

Bachmann spoke here to a crowd of about 150 people gathered at picnic tables at a local park, using a dry erase board to tally up the nation's $14.3 trillion debt, as well as warn against future spending. At one point, the dry erase board fell from the stand and Bachmann quipped, to laughs: "See, that's what will happen to the country if we don't stop spending."

The 45-minute speech also included comments on foreign policy. Bachmann vowed to draw a harder line against Iran's nuclear program, and criticized President Obama for ending the shuttle program. "Now, to get to space, we have to stick out our thumbs and ask for a ride from Russia," she said.

A woman in the audience interrupted to ask, "Can we change that?"

"Yes," Bachmann said. "It's called 2012."