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Amid debt-ceiling debate, Bachmann says she has 'titanium spine'

SIOUX CENTER, Iowa -- Michele Bachmann spoke by speaker phone to a small group of about 15 people assembled in 100-degree heat in the parking lot of Dordt College here this afternoon. 

The Minnesota congresswoman running for president apologized for not being there in person, and explained she was in Washington in order to vote down the Reid bill. Earlier today, Bachmann canceled her weekend campaign events in the Hawkeye State because of possible debt-ceiling votes. Schedule permitting, Bachmann will try and call into the events.

During this call running around 15 minutes, she talked of her biography, adding that her early childhood took place in Iowa. She described herself as the founder of a small business who understands how to create jobs. She promised she had the "titanium spine" to carry out her vision of smaller government, and vowed again to dismantle President Obama's health-care law. 

Bachmann has one more event set to take place at 7:30 pm ET in Arnolds Park, IA. She said she would join her team tomorrow, telling the crowd here that she is getting on a plane to Omaha this afternoon.

NBC’s Anthony Terrell contributed to this post.