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Dem leader blasts Boehner's addition

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel appeared on "MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell" reports earlier today, calling Speaker Boehner’s decision to add a balanced-budget amendment vote to his bill a “political” move.

“You know, look, let's not be fooled this balanced-budget term. It is not a balanced budget,” the congressman from New York said. 

“They are not interested in balanced budgets,” he continued, referring to House GOP members. “They are interested in one thing and one thing only; making the rich much, much richer and making the middle-class much, much poorer. And that is why you get delay after delay after delay.  nd that is why, as the clock runs out, instead of meeting in the middle, they are lurching further and further to the extreme right wing.”

Despite his frustration with some of his colleagues from across the aisle, Israel said he still thinks a bipartisan deal can be reached if both sides meet in the middle.

“Look, you know, I have never been in a situation where everybody agrees on what cannot happen, but one party refuses to agree on what can happen,” he said.  “And that's where we are now... I hope that good sense prevails, and that they don't do the political thing -- but they do the right thing by the American people.”