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Ann Romney campaigns for her husband in NH

AMHERST, NH -- Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, took a brief break from a family vacation to press the flesh here in the Granite State.

Speaking to a group of about 20 voters in woodsy Amherst, Mrs. Romney explained why she's "100%" supporting her husband's second presidential campaign.

"After the last campaign, I let everyone know -- and I even had a camera to record -- it that I would never do that again,” she chuckled.

“I said that, however, after every pregnancy. Maybe my husband didn't really believe me,” she said. (The Romneys have five boys.)

"America needs to have a turnaround, and I thought you know, there's only one guy I know who really knows how to do turnarounds. That's Mitt Romney."

She cast this cycle’s campaign as a full family effort, with support from all 16 grandchildren. One of the Romney granddaughters will be taking a year off to work on the campaign. The 16-year-old will be home-schooled on the trail.

Romney then turned her focus on jobs, mentioning the word more than 15 times in her brief remarks.

“People who are independent, who have voted for the Democratic Party all their lives, if they're concerned about a job, they outta really consider this next election,” Romney told NBC News.

Mrs. Romney said the American economy needs a leader who has “had a job in the private sector” who “understands how jobs come and go.”

Democrats were quick to respond to Ann Romney touting her husband's economic record, citing statistics that Massachusetts ranked 47th out of 50 in the nation for job creation while Romney was governor from 2003 to 2007.