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Bachmann reaffirms opposition to Boehner bill

WASHINGTON, DC -- During a roughly 30-minute speech at the National Press Club, Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann delivered a critique of the size of the federal government, and vowed to oppose any plan that would raise the debt ceiling -- promising she had the "titanium spine" to see her position through.

The speech came as the House was preparing to vote on a hotly debated bill plan designed by Speaker John Boehner, which would raise the debt limit in exchange for key cuts. 

Bachmann said she opposes the legislation, but praised Boehner during her speech.

"Even today, as we are here gathered for this luncheon in this august room," Bachmann said, "we do not have a plan from the president. Now again, John Boehner has put forward a plan. I embrace those principles."

Reserving her criticism for President Obama, Bachmann took issue with the language of the  president's primetime address Monday night. "The president called raising the debt limit the 'routine' thing that's done in Washington, DC.  I'm here to say to all of you today that's the problem," Bachmann said. 

Calling for a restructuring of the size and reach of the federal government, Bachmann challenged Obama to resolve the debt crisis by paying off the interest on the national debt. "It is non-negotiable that we maintain the full faith and credit of the United States of America," she said.