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A delay on Boehner's bill

A Democratic aide tells NBC News that the GOP floor staff informed Democrats that a vote on Speaker Boehner's bill will be delayed. Republicans, however, have yet to confirm that news.

After debate is completed on the bill in the next 20 to 30 minutes, according to the Democratic aide, there will NOT be a final vote on the Boehner bill; instead they will move to suspension bills, in this case naming post offices.

This does not mean that they won't vote on the Boehner bill tonight -- it just means the vote is delayed.

Why the delay? Democrats are speculating that Boehner and House Republicans do not have the votes, although that has not been confirmed.

More as it happens.

*** UPDATE *** It's official, per NBC's Chuck Todd and Mike Viqueira: Boehner's bill has been pulled off the floor for the time being. The House is now re-naming post offices.