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Obama comments on Oslo attacks

President Obama said the attacks today in Oslo, Norway are a reminder that the international community has a stake in cooperating to prevent acts of terror around the globe.

Alongside New Zealand Prime Minster John Key in the Oval Office, Mr. Obama said, "Our hearts go out" to the victims of the Norway attacks.

Norwegian authorities are investigating a possible link between an explosion near the country’s main government building and a shooting at an Oslo youth camp. At this hour, there are seven confirmed fatalities.

Obama said the U.S. still doesn't have all the facts about the attack, but explained: "We have to work cooperatively together both on intelligence and in terms of prevention of these kinds of horrible attacks."

And he pledged the U.S. would fully provide Norway efforts to investigate the tragedy.

Earlier, the president received an update on the attacks from John Brennan, his top counterterrorism adviser.

Prime Minister Key echoed the President's comments, saying "If it is an act of global terrorism, then I think what it shows is no country -- large or small -- is immune from that risk."

The two leaders were meeting in the Oval Office to discuss a range of bilateral economic and security issues.