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Durbin, Reid brief reporters on WH meeting

Sen. Dick Durbin, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate leadership. returned to the Capitol this afternoon and briefly described President Obama's meeting today with congressional leaders. 

He told reporters that Obama walked back what White House spokesman Jay Carney said earlier in the day about a potential willingness for a short-term budget deal.

Durbin said, "[Obama] made it clear he has not changed his position" -- which is a debt-ceiling increase that lasts through 2012. 

(Carney also clarified his statement: "The president does not support a short-term extension of the debt limit, period. The only exception to that is in the event that both sides reach a deal on a long-term extension of the debt limit plus significant deficit reduction, and we needed a very short-term extension (like a few days) to allow a bit of extra time for a bill to work its way through the legislative process.".)

Durbin also said the substance of the bipartisan Gang of Six plan will not be incorporated into the Reid-McConnell legislation. 

"We are now down to 12 days; its not practical," Durbin said, adding there is no legislative language and it's not scored by the Congressional Budget Office.

Durbin said that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is open to making a "reference" to the Gang of Six in the legislation.

Finally, Durbin pointed the finger at the House and said Senate Democrats are waiting on them. "We're hoping that Mr. Boehner will come up with his approach, whatever it is."

Reid spoke to reporters afterward, echoing Durbin: "I want to hear what the speaker has to say."