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GOP House members demand Obama to produce debt-ceiling plan

A group of freshman House Republicans descended on the White House this morning to demand that President Obama present in writing his own debt-ceiling proposal that reduces the deficit by cutting government spending.

Alongside curious tourists on Pennsylvania Ave, the 21 Republicans held a press conference outside the White House gates to blast the president for what they described as a failure of leadership on the showdown over raising the nation's debt limit.

The group said they came to the White House to get a response to their June letter signed by over 70 House Republicans calling on Obama to "come forward with a detailed plan that reduces the national debt and addresses entitlement reform."

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) declared, "We have asked him [Obama] for a plan... It's time for you to be president and quit being a candidate."

And Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-MI) said, "We have to deal with our spending decisions... I'm here for a solution."

Under sweltering temperatures, the rhetoric during the photo op also became heated with Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) telling Obama: "Get off the golf course" and put his debt ceiling proposal in writing.