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Elizabeth Warren doesn't telegraph Senate intentions

So what's next for Elizabeth Warren? Many say it's a run for Senate. But for now it seems it's vacation -- and heading back to Boston.

Warren -- appearing on MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports" moments after President Obama announced Richard Cordray would lead the Consumer Protection Agency that she helped create -- didn't telegraph her pitch about whether she'd challenge incumbent Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R) next year.

"Massachusetts does beckon, in sense that it is my home and I need to go home." She added, "I will do more thinking then, but I need to do that thinking not from Washington. I need to go home."

But first, Warren told Mitchell that it's time for a little vacation. "I am going to take my little grandchildren and my great nieces and nephews, and we are all headed to Legoland."

If she does run, can Red Sox Nation be sure she won't make the same misstep as previous Democratic nominee Martha Coakley -- who incorrectly stated that ex-Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling was a Yankees fan?

"My husband makes sure, he is the one that is 13th generation Massachusetts, and believe me he keeps up with the Red Sox and every other team in Boston."