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Boehner, Cantor show united front

By NBC's Luke Russert and msnbc.com's Vaughn Ververs:  House Speaker John Boehner literally and figuratively embraced his top deputy, putting his arm around Minority Leader Eric Cantor and telling reporters that the two Republican leaders remain together, fighting in the same “foxhole.”

Cantor has been the target of Democratic criticism in the wake of the tense budget negotiations on Wednesday and there have been rumblings about a split between himself and the speaker.  “Let me just say, we have been in this fight together,” Boehner said.  “And any suggestion that the role Eric has played in this meeting has been anything less than helpful is just wrong.  Listen, we’re in the foxhole and I’m going to tell you this is not easy.  What we are trying to do here is solve a problem that has eluded Washington for decades.  I’m glad Eric is there and those who have other opinions can keep them to themselves.”

Cantor was asked about comments by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who said Cantor should not be at the bargaining table for the talks aimed at raising the debt ceiling.  “The speaker and I have consistently been on the same page,” Cantor said, adding, “Just as he laid out in terms of the principles that we are operating under that our conference is fully behind. That we are not going to raise the debt ceiling if we don't have cuts in excess of that amount. That we don't want to raise taxes and that we want to structurally change the system so we stop this from happening again.”