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Huntsman ramps up attacks on Romney

We noted earlier today in First Thoughts, Jon Huntsman’s thinly veiled attack on Mitt Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts.

After touting that Utah when he was governor was, what he claimed No. 1 in job creation, he added, “That compared and contrasted to certain states like, say, Massachusetts that I'll just pull out randomly -- not first but 47th.”

It obviously wasn’t so random, and this afternoon, his campaign ripped off the veil posting on its Web site (and Tweeted out) some opposition research on Romney with the headline, “Mitt Romney Did Not Lead a ‘Dramatic’ Turnaround of His State’s Economy.”

We've noted before that Huntsman's path is to beat Romney in New Hampshire, where Romney leads big and Huntsman barely registers.

*** UPDATE *** The Huntsman camp also put up this post: "Jon Huntsman Created More Jobs in Utah Than Romney Created in Massachusetts."