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Boehner says tax reform is 'under discussion'

In advance of today's White House meeting on the debt talks, House Speaker John Boehner told reporters that comprehensive tax reform was “under discussion” in the negotiations between Republicans and the Obama White House. 

He said that tax reform on both the “corporate side and personal side” would make America “more competitive," calling it a job creator.

That Boehner admitted comprehensive tax reform is "under discussion" is a significant development -- coming on the heels of reports that the White House and Boehner have discussed a debt-limit deal that would significantly alter the current tax code in an effort to perhaps lower corporate and personal rates in exchange for eliminating certain deductions and broadening the tax base.

The BIG questions: Can this type of complex, large-scale agreement be reached by Aug. 2? And can it can be sold to the House GOP conference? The answers are still unclear, as Boehner and his Republican colleagues refused to answer the question of timing. Boehner also reiterated that as of now there is “still no agreement” on any compromise that would extend the nation’s credit limit.