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2012: It's a bird; it's a plane; it's a Super PAC (or three of them)!

BACHMANN: Michele Bachmann’s three-day tour of Iowa begins tomorrow in Iowa City and has six stops in total, the AP writes.

HUNTSMAN: Jon Huntsman’s son, Will, was seen posing with Mitt Romney at a rally for the former Massachusetts governor on Friday, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. “Jon Huntsman’s campaign suggested people should not read anything into the appearance. ‘Will wanted to see another campaign event,’ Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller said when shown the photo. ‘He was having fun, and it was not his intention to be disrespectful in any way.’”

Because Huntsman filed his official notice of candidate later than the other presidential hopefuls, the details of the $4.1 million he raised this quarter will not be reported to the Federal Election Commission until the third-quarter reporting period ends on September 30, the L.A. Times points out.

MCCOTTER: “Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, R-Mich., will launch his presidential campaign on July 2, making him the third sitting member of the House to run for the White House in 2012,” USA Today reports.

PALIN: “According to the book-signing event's rules, Palin fans had to buy Bristol's book in order to get Sarah to sign one of her two books, ‘America by Heart’ or ‘Going Rogue,’” The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. (Via GOP 12.)

PAWLENTY: Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty blamed the Democratic legislature for the state’s government shutdowns in both 2005 and now, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports. “The equivalence is this both in '05 and now -- You had Democrats demanding that we raise taxes and raise spending, " Pawlenty told reporters at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport as he returned from a campaign swing in Florida.

PERRY: “An advocacy group that wants Republican Gov. Rick Perry of Texas to run for president is seeking a presence at the Iowa straw poll in August. Americans for Rick Perry is taking steps to buy a vendor spot, organizer Bob Schuman told The Des Moines Register on Thursday.”

ROMNEY: “Standing before the locked gate of a steel plant that President Obama once visited while promoting his economic stimulus plan, Mitt Romney pointed to weeds and boarded-up windows and called the president’s handling of the economy a failure,” the New York Times writes of Romney’s speech in Allentown, PA yesterday.

The Center for Responsive Politics finds that Mitt Romney’s former deputy finance director created three super PACs late this month, in Iowa, Florida, and South Carolina. The super PACs can raise unlimited money from corporate, union and individual donors to support or oppose candidates, but cannot donate directly to candidates. It is unclear, CRP wrote, whether the PACs are designed to alone support Romney’s candidacy.

His “haul that will almost certainly exceed that of all of his Republican rivals, but it won’t top the amount the former Massachusetts governor raised during the first fund-raising period of his previous campaign, when he was less well-known on the national stage,” the Boston Globe writes. “The lower take shows that Republican donors are not giving as much, either because they are unenthusiastic about the field - and its national front-runner - or because the economic downturn is hindering fund-raising. Romney also had seven fewer days to raise money this time, because of when he formed his campaign committees.”

SANTORUM: Rick Santorum will visit ten cities in Iowa between July 5 and 7 as part of his “Courage to Fight for American Jobs” tour, in which he will sell his plan to revitalize the manufacturing sector.