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More 2012: Bad vibrations

The Minneapolis Star Tribune’s front-page headline: “Broken deals, bitter words and a state shuts down.”

“On the surface, Thursday’s Federal Election Commission ruling to rein in super political action committees looks like a victory for tough campaign finance laws. Reform advocates applauded the FEC for telling super PAC organizers that they may not rely on federal officeholders or party officials to raise unlimited donations,” Roll Call writes. “But the FEC’s 6-0 ruling includes a little-noticed provision that frees up federal officials to attend and speak at fundraisers for such big-money PACs, events where PAC organizers may encourage donors to write larger checks than a lawmaker requests.”

NEW HAMPSHIRE: WMUR notes, “Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman will appear in the same July 4th parade as his Republican presidential rival Mitt Romney.”

NEW YORK: Drill, baby, drill! “Gov. Cuomo is expected to approve "hydrofracturing" to drill for natural gas upstate after yesterday receiving a long-awaited report stating that the controversial process can be used safely outside the city's watershed,” the New York Post reports.