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Obama agenda: Meet the Press

Bloomberg News: “President Barack Obama will hold a news conference at 11:30 a.m. Washington time today as his administration arrives at a critical juncture in negotiations over the federal deficit and an increase in the debt ceiling. Obama also likely will address his plan for withdrawing U.S. forces from Afghanistan, the attack by the Taliban on a hotel in Kabul and the mission in Libya. It will be the president’s first solo news conference since March 11.”

Politico adds, “One central question looms as Obama faces the media in the East Room on Wednesday, and one for which he isn’t likely to offer a concrete answer: Will Obama accept any debt ceiling deal with Republicans that doesn’t include some kind of tax increase on the wealthy?”

“With Republican presidential hopefuls bashing him almost daily on the campaign trail in Iowa, President Barack Obama stopped in the leadoff voting state Tuesday to make a dent in that negative narrative, to push a manufacturing initiative he kicked off last week – and to do a speedy photo op at a popular diner,” the Des Moines Register writes.

“For the first family, their Vineyard haven is taking on the flavor of a summer White House,” the Boston Globe writes. “President Obama, for the third straight year, is planning to return to Martha’s Vineyard for vacation this summer, according to a White House official. The Obamas are scheduled to spend seven to 10 days on the island in mid- to late August, according to the official.”