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More 2012: Buying space for the IA straw poll

IOWA: Straw poll drama: As candidates made bids on lots for the Ames straw poll yesterday, “pressure spiked” as one candidate who made an offer declined to be identified, the Des Moines Register reports. People representing other campaigns walked out in protest, but the walk-out ended after Rep. Thaddeus McCotter agreed to be identified.

The Iowa Republican has the breakdown of bidding for spots at the straw poll. Ron Paul was the highest bidder for a lot for $31,000. 

The Washington Post’s Cilizza has a primer on what we’ll learn – and what we won’t learn – from the Des Moines Register’s Saturday release of its first Iowa ballot test.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: At a press conference in the New Hampshire Legislative Office Building, Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn pledged to work with his Granite State counterparts to maintain their posts as the nation’s first two primary states, the New Hampshire Union-Leader writes. “There is no daylight between Iowa and New Hampshire in protecting our states’ roles,” Strawn said. “You have an ally in the Hawkeye State.”