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Former Romney aides form Super PAC

Former top aides to Mitt Romney have established a "Super PAC" -- Restore Our Future PAC -- to compete against one recently formed by President Obama's allies, the Bill Burton-led Priorities USA Action. Burton previously served as Obama's deputy press secretary.

Organizer Charles Spies, who served as Romney's chief financial officer and counsel in 2008, tells First Read that Restore Our Future is an FEC-registered "Super PAC," which means that all donors are disclosed -- as opposed to a 501(c)(4) group, where donors can remain anonymous. Both types of groups can spend and raise unlimited amounts of money.

(Burton has two groups: Priorities USA Action, which has to disclose donors, and Priorities USA, which doesn't have to. Similarly, the Karl Rove-led American Crossroads has to disclose donors, but Crossroads GPS doesn't have to.)

As the Washington Post reported, Restore Our Future is set up to help Romney combat Priorities USA Action, but could also be used against Republican primary opponents.