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Huntsman spells out path: NH, SC, FL; 'like running for governor in three states'

While visiting a hardware store in Miami, Jon Huntsman explained his "early state strategy," which includes New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida.

"I would liken it to running for governor in three states simultaneously," Huntsman said. "Obviously Florida, I think will be where the Republican nomination is finally decided. So this will be a key state for us."

Today was his second trip to the Sunshine State this year, and Huntsman is also setting up is campaign headquarters in Orlando, where his wife Mary Kaye was born. Huntsman said when he looked at his options, he knew that his headquarters "should be close to or in a very important early primary state."

"I thought it was time to do something good for my wife," Huntsman joked.

Huntsman also answered questions about his immigration plan which includes "a combination of fencing and technology and also having people on the border" with Mexico.

"I would very much look forward to working with our four border governors in making sure that we have verified from them the fact that we have secured the border," Huntsman said.

And as NBC Producer Erika Angulo reported, Huntsman also responded to questions about President Obama's plan to withdraw 30,000 troops from Afghanistan over the next year.

"The thought that we can draw down totally I think is inconceivable and it's impractical, but leaving behind a force of whatever size, certainly well below what we have today and I think well below what the president has advocated over the next year... I think it's what we want ultimately, but we're not there yet. And I don't believe we're going to be there a year from now."

Video edited by Matt Loffman