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More 2012: Hatch-ing his 'inner Tea Party'

IOWA: Iowa GOP chairman Matt Strawn is meeting with his New Hampshire counterparts today, in an effort to send a message to states like Florida, which have moved their primaries up past the March 6th cutoff for states other than the four first primary states, the Des Moines Register reports. “I want to make sure that Florida and any other state that may be out of compliance understand that Iowa and New Hampshire are going to continue to work together,” Strawn said.

The Iowa GOP begins auctioning off space that candidates can occupy at the Ames Straw Poll grounds on August 13th, Politico reports. “The cost of a spot is $15,000 – but not all spots are created equal, with some closer to the main entrance, and the bidding only increases from there. Each campaign is allowed to send two representatives to Iowa GOP headquarters this afternoon for the auction. All the spots will be handed out by the end of the day and the campaigns will have until June 30 to pay up.”

MISSOURI: American Crossroads is hitting Claire McCaskill (D) with $50,000 worth of radio ads.

NEW MEXICO: The Progressive Change Campaign Committee today issued its first endorsement of the 2012 cycle -- for House candidate Eric Griego, who is running for the congressional seat being vacated by Democrat Martin Heinrich (who’s running for Senate). 

UTAH: “Welcome to extreme makeover, the Sen. Orrin Hatch edition,” Roll Call writes, saying that he’s letting “loose his inner Tea Party.”