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Gingrich finance team steps down

From NBC's Gina Gentilesco and Carrie Dann
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has been in sore need of a positive news story after losing most of his top staff in a mass resignation earlier this month.

This isn’t it.

The Associated Press reports another round of resignations from the campaign, this time from the Republican presidential hopeful’s campaign finance team. A spokesman for Gingrich confirms to NBC News that fundraising director Jody Thomas and fundraising consultant Mary Heitman have stepped down.

UPDATE: Spokesman R.C. Hammond tells NBC: "Newt 2012 continues reorganization which is a grass roots driven, substantive solution orientated campaign. We wish the members of the finance team who chose to leave the best, and continue forward as committed as ever."

Hammond stressed that while the women who left were important members of the team, there are a number of other people on their finance staff who remain committed to the campaign. Basically, it shouldn't be read as the "entire finance team" leaving.

Gingrich has said he’s determined to stay in the race.

Appearing this morning on the Laura Ingraham radio program, Gingrich laid out plans for a stepped-up campaign effort in Iowa and noted that he will soon deliver a speech about inefficiency in the Environmental Protection Agency.