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More 2012: NV GOP picks its man

“The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee outraised its GOP counterpart in May but the National Republican Senatorial Committee paid off its debt, becoming the first campaign committee of the cycle to do so,” The Hill writes.

Per the DSCC, it outraised the NRSC in May by more than $1 million –- $3 million raised by the NRSC versus $4.1 million by the DSCC. "The game-changer this last month was the Republican plan to end Medicare. It is helping motivate Democratic donors in every corner of the country, helping us out raise the Republicans and surpass our own fundraising goals," said DSCC Executive Director Guy Cecil in a statement.

IOWA: The Strong America Now anti-waste summit in Des Moines on Saturday featured speeches by Herman Cain, Gary Johnson and Tim Pawlenty, while Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum made remarks via video, the Des Moines Register reports. 

At the summit, Tim Pawlenty defended the budget he put in place as governor of Minnesota before leaving office, saying that a current $6.2 billion deficit is a result of increased government spending after he left office, the Des Moines Register writes. “I’m not going to suggest that would have been under my watch,” he said.

The Tea Party bus tour making its way through Iowa devotes much of its time at each stop to a Power Point presentation about effective campaign organizing – essential as many Tea Partiers are relatively new to politics and may not have participated in a caucus before, NPR writes.

NEVADA: “The Nevada Republican Party nominated former Chairman Mark Amodei on Saturday for the 2nd district special election,” Roll Call writes.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Speaking at the Republican Leadership Conference on Friday, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) said his coveted endorsement would only go to a candidate who signs the “Cut, Cap and Balance” pledge not to raise the debt limit unless it is paired with spending cuts, caps and a balanced budget amendment, the Daily Caller writes.