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Congress: Norquist's influence wanes?

“Anti-tax advocate Grover Norquist’s influence over Senate Republicans slipped Tuesday, a development that could have implications for bipartisan budget talks as well as for the future of the party’s orthodoxy,” Roll Call writes, adding, that “the No. 3 Senate GOP leader said Tuesday that eliminating tax breaks might be a legitimate way to solve the nation’s current fiscal crisis. ‘My view is a good way to reduce the debt is to get rid of unwarranted tax breaks,’ GOP Conference Chairman Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) said.”

“More House Democrats urged Rep. Anthony Weiner to quit Tuesday as members of his embattled staff started looking for new jobs, sources said,” The New York Daily News writes.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), ranking Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee, questioned holding a hearing on the radicalization of American Muslims in prisons. “A briefing maybe; but I’m not certain about having a hearing,” Thompson told The Hill. “A briefing would be good for background purposes, but I’m not chair… I’m not certain if the testimony will reflect any nexus to terrorism in prisons. I’m convinced that there are very bad people in prisons, but in terms of an organized effort, with either domestic or international affiliations, beyond the Aryan Brotherhood and a few more … I don’t see a Muslim or an Islamic conflict in the prison system.”