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Tea Party Express director: Bachmann 'shined'

Tea Party Express director Amy Kremer thinks that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann "shined" at last night’s Republican debate which came as no surprise. "The Tea Party movement's been seeing her shine for a while," Kremer said. "She's been a loud voice at the front of this movement for a while. I think it was a good introduction for her."

So is Michele Bachmann the group’s candidate of choice? Amy Kremer told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC that while Bachmann's views on social issues meshed with those of the other candidates, social conservatives "have their own movement."

"The Tea Party movement is focused on the fiscal issues...that's why there are Democrats and Independents that identify with the movement. They, too, want fiscal responsibility. That's the glue that binds us together."

Though Bachmann created the House Tea Party caucus, Kremer says her group is not endorsing any candidate ahead of their Tea Party debate in September. She added, "Quite honestly, I don't think all the players are on the field right now."

Looking to the Tea Party debate in September, Kremer hopes that "going forward that we really see somebody come forward...and show their courage and what it's going to take to get this country back on track."