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Obama agenda: Miami Obama

“President Obama hit the Miami fundraising circuit on Monday, picking up big campaign bucks and boasting of his record in running the country,” The Miami Herald writes. The president’s touting of his accomplishments – a healthcare overhaul, financial regulatory reform, ending a ban on gays serving in the military – stood in stark contrast to the comments made about him by Republican presidential hopefuls who debated Monday night on CNN and described his term as a failure.” More: Miami Obama portrayed himself as someone who inherited his troubles, not one who caused them. ‘There’s no doubt that the country has gone through an extraordinary trauma,’ Obama said. ‘My job has frankly been to clean up a big mess … We yanked the economy out of what could have been a second Great Depression. We stabilized the financial system.’”

From Chicago, The Hill’s Youngman writes, “Only three Republican candidates for president are listed on the wall of President Obama’s new campaign headquarters — Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman.”