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More 2012: Dems' redistricting advantage

“In January, I estimated in this space that redistricting would be close to a wash, with neither party making major gains, but with Republicans solidifying many of their unexpected 2010 gains,” Stu Rothenberg writes in Roll Call. “With redistricting completed in only a few states but the writing on the wall in many others, it now appears that Democrats — not the GOP — will make a small, single-digit gain from redistricting when the process finally is complete.”

IOWA: The 18-city Tea Party bus tour through Iowa kicked off last night in Council Bluffs, the Des Moines Register writes. William Owens, the publisher of Tea Party Review magazine based in Arlington, VA, says he plans to conduct live-stream webcast interviews of Republican candidates throughout the tour asking questions submitted by tea party activists around the country via social media outlets. 

The Register took an informal survey of Tea Partiers who watched the debate before attending a Tea Party event in Council Bluffs and found that “the loudest clapping went to Texas Rep. Ron Paul, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and businessman Herman Cain. No one applauded for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.”

MASSACHUSETTS: “Senator Scott Brown today signed onto a Senate bill to repeal an advisory board created as part of last year’s landmark health care overhaul, chipping away at yet another element of the Affordable Care Act that he finds onerous,” the Boston Globe reports.