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On eve of Biden talks, Republican hits administration for inaction on debt

While President Obama pitched jobs to the swing state of North Carolina today, congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle are scheduled to resume budget negotiation talks with Vice President Biden tomorrow. And though discussions have reportedly gone smoothly, Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) today hit the White House for what he sees as the administration's lack of action on the issue.

"The president hasn't put in place a plan that will allow for decreasing debt and decreasing the deficit so that the private sector can thrive," Price, chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports. "The answer to this is not government. The answer to this is the private sector. ... The issue in terms of jobs isn't what the government can do to create jobs. The government doesn't create jobs. It's the private sector that creates jobs. That seems to be this missing link.”

While Price hopes the Biden group will bring a budget proposal to the table by the end of month so that Congress can take action sometime in July, he also reiterated the GOP's proposed budget plan, which failed in the Senate last month.

"We put in place a budget -- the Republican Conference in the House of Representatives -- that would increase job creation, would reform the entitlement spending here in Washington that's only been demagogued by the other side, and would allow for the domestic energy production that will flourish and allow jobs to be created across this great land," Price said, touting Rep. Paul Ryan's controversial plan, which would partially privatize Medicare.